Sunday, September 27, 2009

Breaking Through

The one lesson God has been trying to teach Joel and I over the past 6 years is the importance of having an emergency savings. There was money we could have saved at times, which we didn't, and as soon as financial disaster struck, we were pretty much ruined. You would think after the first few times it would motivate us to save. You would be wrong. It has taken us almost 6 years to finally say enough is enough. And we are saving. Pinching. Working. Sacraficing. Its not easy. But its worth it. Our goal for October is to have 1000 dollars saved. The goal for February is to have at least 3000 before we get our tax return. I guess we'll see how it goes, but if we don't have the money saved, we aren't going to be able to find a new home to live in. I guess that's a big motivator as well.


Cherie said...

I love you too!

Lacy said...

You can do it! I'm excited to see how God Blesses your efforts!

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That is where God met me. He kept repeating the word 'Undone' to me....kept repeating the phrase "She's come Undone". And then it hit me like a wave, the tears flowed. I realized all that I have been trying to accomplish within my life, my marriage, my home, my is all being done in MY own strength. God is calling me, telling me to become Undone before Him. To let Him do the work in and through me. To rely on HIS strength to accomplish all the great things He has for my life, and to be the Woman of God, the wife, the mother, the friend, the daughter, the teacher that He is calling me to be. With that, I am becoming Undone before God. I am letting go of the old mindsets that I have been setting for myself. I'm letting go.