Thursday, October 14, 2010

Visions and Dreams

I have had some things churning within my heart. The very beginnings of these things go back 8 years, and I can still picture these things as if they are as near as my last breath. God has put a passion in my heart for speaking and singing, for speaking truth to heal the broken and singing songs of peace and joy, and love for our saviour. I can close my eyes and recall these very near and dear to my heart. While worshipping at church on sunday, I felt the Lord speaking to my heart, gently telling me that He has not forgotten those dreams that He had given me...that He has not forgotten what my heart beats for. But I felt so weary at that point, I cried out, "Lord, I'm just so tired. Life is so complicated and I just feel like I will never reach those things which you have destined me to do!!" But of course, it hit me again; the key to opening the door to the future He has called me to: Quiet time with Him to pour into me. I envisioned in that moment a glass pitcher, With clean, cold, crystal clear water flowing into it. It was filled to the top...and overflowing. It was this worship song I was singing at that moment in church, and it was one of those life changing moments:

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Who I Am

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That is where God met me. He kept repeating the word 'Undone' to me....kept repeating the phrase "She's come Undone". And then it hit me like a wave, the tears flowed. I realized all that I have been trying to accomplish within my life, my marriage, my home, my is all being done in MY own strength. God is calling me, telling me to become Undone before Him. To let Him do the work in and through me. To rely on HIS strength to accomplish all the great things He has for my life, and to be the Woman of God, the wife, the mother, the friend, the daughter, the teacher that He is calling me to be. With that, I am becoming Undone before God. I am letting go of the old mindsets that I have been setting for myself. I'm letting go.